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We have been running! If you are a chemistry student, no matter whether you are a young professional or a midfielder encounters bottlenecks, you can join us to give you a fresh start and provide you with a broad space for development. We look forward to your joining and create brilliance together!


Recruitment Position

Release Time


1 Technical Director (Deputy General Manager) 2021-03-17 More
2 Sales Director (Deputy General Manager) 2021-03-17 More
3 Sales Manager 2021-03-17 More
4 Purchasing manager 2021-03-17 More
5 Chief Financial Officer (Deputy General Manager) 2021-03-17 More
6 Organic/Pharmaceutical Synthesis Researcher 2021-03-17 More
7 Head of Internal Affairs 2021-03-17 More
8 House assistant 2021-03-17 More
9 Foreign trade sales manager 2021-03-17 More

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